Meet Our People

What's it like to work at Callison?

Our people apply their talents in a variety of positions, from retail store planning and design to marketing and information technology. In their own words, they tell what they like best about working at Callison.

Michelle - Architectural Staff - Seattle
Michelle | Architectural Staff

"I work with our financial clients assisting with drawings, code research and some construction administration in the fast-paced design process. My studio gives me the opportunity to gain experience at a fast pace and to build my IDP credits to eventually become licensed. I'm constantly presented with opportunities to participate in projects and tasks I might not be able to do working somewhere else.

At Callison you have the benefits of a large firm with the studio mentality of a smaller firm. They're constantly finding ways to improve the company and take care of us, as employees.

There are always activities to participate in – vendor presentations, yoga classes, continuing education for AIA credit, Callison Lecture Series, softball, kickball etc. This office provides me with the greatest amount of resources (both in terms of people and information) as well as one of the best views in the city!"

Elijah - Director - Seattle
Elijah | Director

"I work directly with our clients to oversee the implementation of stores across the country from the early stages of pre-design, performing surveys and working on store layouts. As an interior designer, my job provides the opportunity to work directly with clients, general contractors and consultants. Our team is not just Callison, but a whole group of individuals performing various roles.

My managers work hard to give everyone opportunities to grow and develop as professionals. I've been encouraged to participate in leadership activities such as the Sustainable Leadership Committee so I'm able to work on long-term goals for the firm.

I work in Seattle and can't imagine living and working anyplace else! This city is both urban and natural. There are cultural opportunities every day and mountains and water in every direction."

Glen - Meet Our People at Callison
Glen | Director

"I am an account manager focused on remodels and 'ground up' projects for a variety of national retailers.

I like the challenge of maintaining our high standard of service and performance so we continue getting repeat business from the clients I am involved with. Having direct access to clients is also a big motivator for me. The daily dialogue and dealings with clients can be difficult and inefficient if you have not developed a good communication process.

My favorite aspect of the company involves the camaraderie and rapport that has developed among the Callison groups I am associated with.

I work in the Seattle office and a big highlight is the location. We are right in the core of downtown Seattle and within walking distance of so many markets, parks, restaurants and shops."

Gina | Human Resources Coordinator

"My favorite part about working in the Seattle office is the dynamic between employees. The Seattle office has over 400 employees, but it feels much smaller.

I am one of our HR coordinators in the Seattle office. My work mainly involves compensation, reporting, and maintaining our HRIS system.

The best part of my job is the team environment within the HR team. We are a diverse group, and complement each other nicely. There is truly never a dull moment in the HR office."

Meet Hollie at Callison
Hollie | Receptionist

"As a receptionist, I help provide a voice and face for Callison. I may be the first impression a client, consultant or future employee has of the firm and it is my responsibility to represent Callison in a professional, courteous and helpful manner by giving the best customer service. I also, along with my team and in conjunction with other support studios, offer an invaluable resource of information. You have a question? Let me help you!

Every day I am astounded by the hard work and dedication I see from fellow members of my team and other employees throughout the office. The people here are extremely talented, creative and energetic. I consider myself fortunate to work alongside these gifted individuals.

One of my favorite aspects of the company is the Callison Cares program. It is very encouraging to know Callison supports the interest of its employees by matching employee donations to non-profit organizations.

I work in the Seattle office in a high-rise building beautifully designed by our firm. From the front desk window, I can see the Puget Sound and all its inspiration. Similarly, walking through the hallways, I can see projects in progress around the world and admire all their brilliance."

David | Senior Architectural Designer

"My focus is designing the architecture in our healthcare projects. Healthcare projects are heavily influenced by the medical planning and the interior design of the facilities, but need the typical architectural design process to bring together the clinical aspects of the projects. This encompasses everything from conceptualization of the big idea to code issues that influence the solution. I typically work from the macro urban scale of the projects, campus design etc. down to the interface of the interior public spaces and clinical spaces.

The best thing about my job is the people I work with at Callison. Over the years many have become good friends that make the work environment a place where my career has grown; challenging me in the development of my goals and aspirations, sharing skills and we have a lot of fun along the way.

The aspect of my job I like best is the variety of projects over the years I have worked on. I design primarily in the Healthcare group, but have spent time working across markets on high-rise mixed-use projects in China, Nordstrom stores on the east coast, Hospitality/ Destination projects in the Rockies like EverVail, corporate projects at the Microsoft campus, and even an equestrian-oriented high-end residential development on the Columbia River called Ravenwing. Working in the different markets have changed my perspective on what healthcare architecture can be and helped to infuse a non-institutional quality that has made a better patient/family focused environment.

I work in the Seattle office and enjoy the fact that we have opportunities to work with the different offices all over the world. The coming and going of many staff to other locations helps us to connect in little ways like seeing the different souvenirs and photographs people post at their desk. One of the best things about our location is the wonderful views from the office of the Olympic Mountains and Puget Sound. Every day we see something different, from wonderful sunsets, the Olympic Mountains or ships sailing in and out of Elliott Bay."

Michael | Architectural Designer

“As a project designer in our global commercial group I work on projects across the globe, from the conceptualization of the design to documentation. While I work predominantly with a team of designers in the Dallas office I also have had the opportunity to travel to meet with clients and work with our teams in China. The opportunity has been great to witness first-hand the culture and contexts I design within and throughout the design process.

Callison is a firm that takes the core belief of being One Firm to heart. Regardless of the specific office I work in or travel to I always feel welcomed and at home, a testament of a company with a strong community of designers and professionals. It is an important aspect that I think sets Callison apart; creating an exciting dialogue that fosters personal and professional growth in every facet of the day to day experience.

I am very fortunate in the Dallas office to work with an exciting and challenging group of mentors. Callison has an incredible diversity in the types of areas we focus on with design and with that comes leadership that always lends a different perspective to other studios. I often find myself in conversation with members of an entirely different studio, learning from their perspectives, and applying this knowledge throughout the work.”

Meet Alfredo at Callison
Alfredo | Project Architect

"My job requires me to be flexible because of the different responsibilities I tackle. I'm involved in most every aspect of our projects from bidding and project development to design and client relations. This definitely keeps the days moving fast.

I learn something new on a daily basis. The possibility to expand your knowledge and then be able to apply it appropriately plays a vital part in making each day a gratifying experience.

I'm proud to be part of our Dallas team. The atmosphere is unique, it is very professional and focused, yet relaxed enough that our staff is united and friendly. The opportunity to collaborate internationally and the potential of the Mexican market are exciting. It's a pleasure to work here."

Amber | Director
Los Angeles

"I am one of our planners…or horizontal architecture as some call it. I work with our clients and the local jurisdiction for their project on the entitlement process so that we can then go into vertical architecture. I am also the Sustainable Strategies guru for the LA office. I review all of our work to ensure that we are meeting our 2030 Commitment goals and that our projects are as sustainable as possible.

I love working with cities to get projects entitled. Through the process I get to educate the client on sustainability goals and how those can help save dollars as well as speed up the entitlement process. Being able to ‘speak planner’ and build a good rapport for our team is very enjoyable.

The LA Office is wonderful. The people here are the best reason to come to work, hands down. We have great chemistry in the office and get a lot of very high quality work done as well. We have some very exciting projects internationally as well as domestically and lots of LEED certification work as well. The day is never boring.

One of the most memorable moments for me was the AT&T project LEED certification. When we got the final review back and we were actually able to attain Platinum certification…I was speechless. Truly a shining moment, for an across-office project, that was beautiful and sustainable. This makes me smile even now. “

Tiffany | Project Architect
Los Angeles

“The work I do is primarily international and domestic ground up commercial. On the day to day you can finding me working directly with clients, consultants, contractors, and team members doing everything and anything that is needed to keep the project moving smoothly.

I love that every day is different and challenging in its own way and that no two projects are the same. For example, even if you go from working on one mall to another mall the typology may be the same but each project poses a different design challenge that will need to be resolved in its own unique way with the help of a different group of individuals and completely different site constraints.

The LA office is truly a wonderful family to be a part of. In every way that you would desire for your office to be more than just coworkers who inhabit the same space, the LA office has met and exceeded expectations. From our public outreach to Friday lunches on the balcony and happy hours, we’re a unique office that supports each other inside and outside of the office while having a great time.

One of the most memorable moments I’ve had at Callison is seeing my project under construction in Hawaii. After over a year of working on drawings and models the ability to set foot on the construction site was just another experience all together. Seeing your work come to fruition truly validates all your hard work and any problems that have arisen on the way become that much more insignificant.”

Daniel | AP Architectural Project Manager
New York

“I work with our luxury retail clients, overseeing all phases of project development: from initial code research to construction administration and close out. Many of our projects are located across the country which allows me to travel quite extensively.

I love the opportunity to work with some of the industry's top talent and clientele. The extensive coordination and communication with clients, consultants, vendors, general contractors, building officials and team members is one of the most rewarding aspects of my role.

Being in the heart of downtown New York at the nexus of several historic districts (Little Italy, SoHo, Chinatown, City Hall) offers the entire NY team an opportunity to experience one of the most diverse and exciting areas of the Big Apple.

My favorite aspect of Callison is the commitment to each individual employees continued growth, both professionally and personally. I am very grateful for the opportunities presented to me and the great career advancement possibilities Callison offers to young professionals, especially those just beginning their careers.”

Clayton | AP Interior Designer
New York

“I perform a wide range of roles from Interior Design on Luxury Retail to Workplace, as well as maintaining our FF&E resources and managing Business Development events.

I enjoy the ever changing trends and designs of our industry, bringing creative ideas and materials to our other Interior Designers and ultimately our Clients.

I love the boutique feel of the NY Callison office while having the support and resources of a 1000 person International firm behind you.”