Luxury Retail

The Environment of Luxury

Luxury is the indescribable sum of parts that creates a unique experience. It is the artisan attention to detail, the nuance of the treatments and the elegance of materials. It is more than interpretation of the brand; it is the world in which the brand becomes the product. With a team that specializes in design, development and delivery of branded, luxury retail environments, we create experiences that people remember. Experiences where culture and commerce intersect, crafted with insightful design. Our designers resist definition and use your brand to inspire. And the result is an informed interpretation of your business in the luxury space. We understand how to craft an environment and shopping experience that enables our luxury retail clients to succeed, regardless of market. Whether developing a new store concept or rolling out an existing prototype, we help companies translate their brands for the international marketplace. We find the balance between maintaining consistency and tailoring the presentation to regional, cultural and demographic preferences.


VM+SD Award of Merit, Nordstrom Las Vegas 2003
NASFM Outstanding Merit Nordstrom Las Vegas 2003
A.R.E., Outstanding Merit 2008
VM+SD, Award of Merit 2008
NAS, Honorable Mention 2008
LEED Silver